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Title: The Most Human
Fandom: Star Trek: AOS (movies)
Rating: R
Characters/pairings: Kirk/Spock/McCoy, first time Kirk/Spock, established Kirk/McCoy, past Spock/Uhura
Word Count: ~4000
Additional Tags: Threesome, Porn with Feelings, Non-Graphic Smut, Voyeurism, Mind Meld, Love Confessions, Asexual Character, Asexual Spock, Pansexual Polyamorous James T. Kirk, OT3, Star Trek Beyond
After Kirk and McCoy extend an unexpected invitation, Spock struggles to communicate his desires, only to find that he has underestimated both his friends and himself.
Or: These days, Spock rarely thinks of himself as an alien, but fitting in can still be a challenge. Especially when the needs of the many sometimes seem so incompatible with his own.

Story link @ AO3.
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Sex Toy, by [ profile] zellieh @LJ / [info -]zellieh @DW / [info -]zellieh @JF / [info -]zellieh @IJ.
Star Trek: AOS Reboot - Jim Kirk/Leonard 'Bones' McCoy.
Bi (Slash). 4,300 words. 21+ for sex.
Written for a kink-meme prompt over at [ profile] st_xi_kink
Warnings & Spoilers: (skip) Consensual kinks: bondage with handcuffs, double penetration using sex toys, marking by biting and bruising, over-stimulation, orgasm delay, mild powerplay.

Leonard walked into their room at the Academy and the first thing he saw was Jim Kirk, naked, stretched out on Leonard's bed
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Fandom: Star Trek Reboot/Alternate Original Series (Movies)
Characters: James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy
Pairings: Kirk/Spock
Rating: NC-17
Summary:  There's a reason why there isn't much about pon farr in the Vulcan databases -- it's a time of helpless, irrational violence and lust, truly anathema to a people that prize peace and logic above all else.  And yet it lurks in the blood, waiting for its turn to awaken and claim its host, who in turn must claim his mate.  It's not romantic, and it's not pretty.  Please note the warnings below and do not proceed if you feel uncomfortable.
Genre: Slash, Hurt/Comfort, Angst
Warnings: Abuse, Dominance/Submission, Explicit Violence, Dubious Consent
Word Count: 2106
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Title: Never By Halves
Author: [personal profile] jaylee_g
Universe: Reboot
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2252
Relationship Status: First Time
Plot Elements: Character Study, Drama, Humor, Fluff, Romance
Summary: "His father had died so that Jim may live, thus Jim considered himself honor-bound to live enough for both of them...." or, Jim has plans to celebrate his birthday with his usual flair. Spock stages an intervention.
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, no money is being made here.
Author's Notes: Written for [personal profile] dracavia in honor of her birthday. Happy birthday, darling, I hope it's the best one yet. :)
Special Thanks: Much appreciation and hugs go to [personal profile] marlee813 for looking this over for me. She's awesome.


Never By Halves
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In the Sleeping Curves (679 words) by faviconlady_krysis
Fandom: Star Trek (2009)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kirk/McCoy
Summary: Some days and nights are slow. This isn't one of them, and McCoy's kept himself up too long with stims and adrenaline.
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Title: Star Trek 2009 Songfics
Author: ladygrendel
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Jim Kirk, Spock, Nyota Uhura, Bones (Spock/Kirk, Spock/Uhura)
Warnings: mild sexual content, genderswap, character death
Summary: A collection of songfics mainly featuring Spock/Kirk


"Yes, Jim?"

"Does this mean we're lesbians?"
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Title: The Genetic Soap Opera (or, One of the Less Dignified Royal Weddings)
Rating: probably gets an R for swearing
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Wordcount: 6200
Notes: For [personal profile] lazulisong, on the occasion of the anniversary of her birth, which was over two months ago but who's counting.
Summary: Turns out Jim Kirk's more than meets the eye, genetically speaking. There are a lot of consequences, mostly for Spock and his sanity.

Not so much the very model of a modern Vulcan nobleman
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Title: Return To The Source
By: Bridget McKennitt
Pairing: Uhura/Spock
Rating: R
Word Count: 100
Prompt: My love...put your finger deep into me; return to the source; and confirm your route

Title: Exhausted Daydreamer
By: Bridget McKennitt
Pairing: Kirk/Sulu
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Prompt: apodyopsis - the act of mentally undressing someone
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Title: Excuse me while I kiss the sky
Author: [personal profile] less_star
Pairing: McCoy/Pike
Word count: 4200
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Summary: Written for the prompt McCoy as a patient. What happens when he’s the one who needs to be healed/put back together? Turns out, there's Xenopolycythemia in the reboot universe as well.

A/N: Written for [ profile] random00b for her generous donation to help_pakistan. Thank you for being so incredibly patient and kind, I hope this suits you!

Leonard tells himself it's nothing to worry about, and for a while he almost believes it, too
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Title: Refit (1/?)
Author: [personal profile] chaseasteroid (AKA [profile] racheldeet)
Pairings: Chekov/Sulu, with a side of Kirk/McCoy and Rand/Riley
Rating: PG
Summary: Pavel had grown up in the cold, where clouds did not form as easily and the lights of the city were distant. Stars had always been easy to see from there, even if the sun was not fond of visiting.
Notes: Sort of a sequel to "Under Construction."

( Fake cut is fake )
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Title: Science and Reason
Author: [personal profile] maxwrite
Artist: [ profile] kauniainen
Mixer: [ profile] feels_like_fire
Betas: [ profile] barrowjane, [ profile] meotional and [ profile] insaneboingo. Any remaining errors are the result of my tinkering.
Series: STXI AU
Character/Pairing(s): Scotty/Chekov, background Spock/Uhura, past Scotty/Uhura, with Sulu, Kirk, McCoy, Gaila, Pike, Richard Barnett, Olson, OFC, eventual Sulu/Gaila, very subtly implied Kirk/McCoy
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 94,262
Warnings: Violence, mentions of child abuse, 17-year-old!Chekov + sexy times, some consent issues, minor character death, (highlight to read the rest) mind control-y business
Author's Note: Please see masterpost.
Summary: OMNI ENTERPRISES is paving the way in creating longer, healthier, happier lives. We're working towards cleaner, more efficient solutions for everything from your daily commute, to your work environment, to how you run your home, and even leisure activities. From healthier foods to neuro-assessment to cybernetic skeletal reinforcement, OMNI can help you create a richer quality of life for yourself and your loved ones. OMNI ENTERPRISES - because life is universal.

After breaking up with Nyota, a former Omni employee-turned-anti-Omni activist, Scotty, one of Omni's aerospace engineers, is depressed until he meets Pavel, a sweet, funny young genius with no place to go and a strange need to please. Scotty offers Pavel a place to stay, not realizing how complicated his life is about to become. Suddenly finding himself in the middle of a battle between Omni, the multi-billion-dollar corporation he works for, and Nyota, one of his closest friends, Scotty becomes more entangled in Omni's shady dealings than he ever imagined possible.

Masterposts: DW|AO3

Dedicated to geeks and nerds everywhere. Come out and be proud.
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Title: Trespass
Rating: NC-17
Relationship Status: Preslash
Word Count: 9985
Genre: Drama
Trope: Mission, Telepathy
Warnings: Fangirl_trauma, Main Character Death (I cannot stress this warning enough). Also, gore, medical nastiness, suicide and extreme violence with loads of unsettling imagery.
Additional Pairings: None
Summary: It was bound to happen sometime. The Enterprise crew has finally run out of luck

Found here at lj or dw
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Author: [personal profile] azephirin / abi z.
Fandoms: Black Jewels Trilogy, The Dark Knight, Inception, Iron Man, Star Trek XI, Star Wars, Supernatural, West Wing
Pairings: Josh/Donna, Kirk/McCoy/Eames, Lando/Sam, Mal/Rachel Dawes, Surreal/Girl!Spock, Tony/Pepper
Characters: Lando Calrissian, Rachel Dawes, Eames, Gaila, Girl!Spock, Jim Kirk, Josh Lyman, Mal, Leonard McCoy, Donna Moss, Leia Organa, Tony Stark, Nyota Uhura, Sam Winchester, Surreal SaDiablo
Summary: Assorted ficlets with bonus angst, porn, and crackaliciousness, sometimes all at once.
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~3200
Spoilers: The Dark Knight, Inception, Iron Man II
Disclaimer: These characters are the intellectual property of various authors, creators, producers, and corporate copyright holders, none of which are me.

( various and assorted )
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Title: Bang a Gong
Artist: [ profile] ashleyj28
Mixer: [ profile] jouissant
Betas: [personal profile] rhaegal and [personal profile] lazulisong
Series: STXI
Character/Pairing(s): Ensemble; Kirk/Spock (background McCoy/Uhura)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 22,700
Warnings: None, except for: this is what happens when I make a conscious effort to write comedy.
Author's Notes: AKA When Jim Met Spock, or the pon farr romcom. The only TOS thing I took as canon for this fic was Amok Time; the rest is all lies about Vulcan reproductive and marriage rites. As well as shenanigans.
Summary: The chronicles of the Sad Bastards Club (Enterprise Chapter).

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Title: Breathing's Just A Rhythm
Rating: Adult (for sexual content)
Pairing(s): Kirk/Sulu
Notes: 1,440 words.

Summary: The aging Kel of Balandaa makes Kirk an offer. Sulu thinks he should refuse (Kel Jim has an awful ring to it). Kirk is oddly ambivalent.

"Tell me you're not actually thinking about it."
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Title: Filthy Sweet
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: NC-17
Category: misquick, established relationship, non-sexual voyeurism, kink
Length: 2756
Spoilers: None
Summary: Jim makes one simple observation that plagues him all day long.

Read @ lj or dw
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Title: until the word took shape and became a soul
Author: [personal profile] lady_krysis/[ profile] lady_krysis
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Summary: Leonard can't figure out where home is anymore.
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek or any of its characters or settings, and I am not making any money from this piece of fanwork.
Author's Note: Inspired from a prompt at [info]st_xi_kink_meme and based loosely on the selkie folklore.
Word Count: ~ 3,425

until the word took shape and became a soul (Dreamwidth)

until the word took shape and became a soul (AO3)
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Title: Quiver
Author: Jaylee
Fandom: Reboot
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 2672
Summary: Jim is hesitant to allow Spock to meld with him.
Relationship Status: Established Relationship
Warning: None
Disclaimer: Not mine. No profit here.
Special Thanks: to [info]janice_lester for the fabulous beta job. 



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Title: Fair Trade
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Pairing/Characters: Jim Kirk/Leonard McCoy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Bones and Jim make a deal.
Notes/Warnings: Written for [community profile] fic_promptly, for the prompt "orgasm denial without a dom/sub dynamic"

( Fair Trade )


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