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[community profile] remix_her is starting! It's a remix challenge focused on female characters, and so far the Star Trek universes are doing well in the fandom poll, but it's always great to have more!


Official Poll: Remix Her Fandoms

Comment Ficathon!

Check them out!
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Er...we seem not to have any Reboot graphics for this...a total oversight. But there is a Star Trek panel, and we'd LOVE to have some Reboot femslash input for it!

Check out the site for timetables and more!
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[community profile] trek_het, your one-stop shop for hetfic for all incarnations of Star Trek, is up and running on Dreamwidth. All pairings and ratings are welcome. Come on by to read or post some het-flavored Trek lovin'!

[community profile] trek_het

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The Where_no_Woman First Anniversary Ficathon is now in the prompt choosing phase.

The process of claiming prompts is pretty straightforward:
- select the prompt you would like to write for. Claims are first come, first served, and exclusive.
- select the date you would like to post it on.
- comment in the corresponding post with your chosen prompt number and date.
- the mod in charge of that post will confirm your claim. Please be patient! Mods have lives too.

On (Western Hemisphere) Thursday, April 29th, you can come back for seconds.

If you would like to participate but are not comfortable posting on LiveJournal and would like to make a claim or arrange a proxy posting, please email Tris at dearladydisdain at gmail.

The various and sundry prompts are:

non-specific (canon) prompts

Please note that per the rules you do not need to be a member of LJ to post. We also have a Where_No_Woman collection (with a first anniversary subcollection) on AO3.
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Ship Wars are happening at Livejournal!


[ profile] st_respect is the place. Right now is the time. This is the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny, people. Hoist your ship's flag high and declare your capslocky love for the good ship Scotty/Chekov!

"Ship Wars is a challenge to demonstrate the worthiness and superiority of your ship through the creative medium. Instead of resorting to physical violence, we will be relying on the written word and visual art to sway the undecided and decidedly decided into the grander appreciation of YOUR SHIP."

You know that Scokov is the ultimate ship. It's a wonderland of kinks! You've got the accents, ageplay, technophilia, virgins, KILTS. Oh dear god, the KILTS! And on top of all that, you've got mad Scottish and Russian pride. So please, if there is any love in your heart for Scokov, let that geek flag fly and sign up! Do it for the nerd!love. Do it for science. Do it for Scokov! It's exciting!

Feel free to snag the above banner and pimp like crazy!



♥ ALL SHIPPER SIGN-UPS ARE HERE. Go sign up to produce awesome fan works for your ship or to support the teams by being a cheerleader!

♥ CAPTAIN SIGN-UPS ARE HERE. Most of the popular ships have captains already.

Even if you don't support Team Scokov, you can still pimp the ship wars, sign up for whichever team you like, or sign up as a cheerleader! Come on, you can do eet!

Enlist today!
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Thanks to [personal profile] cleo for allowing this...!

We're psyched to announce the opening of [community profile] reversepolarity, a Dreamwidth-based Star Trek RP community focusing on TOS/Reboot characters. Woot! Character reservation post will be opening tomorrow night, so be there or be square!

Read more information and join what will hopefully be a discussion at this post.
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Hi dreamers!

For all your Trek drabble needs, [personal profile] ursamajor and I are running [community profile] thetroublewithdrabbles. Drabbles! Reboot drabbles! Delicious, delicious drabbles.

We're ironing out the kinks (as it were) right now, and the first prompt, which is an open drabble post, is up.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled fic. And may I say how lovely it is. Almost as lovely as our good Captain. Hi there, spaceboy.


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